We spoke to Daniel Georgievski and Dylan McGowan from the Western Sydney Wanderers about how they are preparing physically, mentally and nutritionally for the forthcoming season. Dylan McGowan (Defender) Born: 6 August 1991 (age 29 years),  Height: 1.86 m Weight: 80 kg Daniel Georgievski (Defender) Born: 17 February 1988 (age 32 years),  Height: 1.79 m Weight: 75 kg How would you characterise […]

It’s no secret that pizza make you porky, but here are the unassuming foods making you fatter. Here’s how you can replace them with smarter alternatives because when it comes to getting lean ignorance is never bliss. CEREAL It’s an Aussie staple, but even supposedly healthier options containing fruit and/or […]

Do you want to be a ripped guy with abs for all seasons? The answer is a matter of priorities and discipline. Think about it: Are you willing to cook your own food. instead of eating pre-made meals or buying takeout? Count your macros and measure your food portions? Eat salad while the rest of […]

We shared a wee dram with Brand Manager for Whisky at Southtrade International Andrew Milne, who told us everything you need to know about this delicious golden drop.  What makes whisky, well, whisky? According to Milne, it varies country to country slightly, but essentially it’s a spirit made from fermented […]