Want more power? Follow these six steps that’ll help you lift heavy with ease. They’ll make moving heavy weights easy — and build strength fast. 1. Drive your feet into the floor When performing deadlifts or squats, making sure your feet are planted firmly on the floor is essential to […]

Boxers, kickboxers, and mixed martial arts fighters don’t use treadmills to get ripped. Their shredded physiques come from fight training, of which pounding a heavy bag is a major component. Dust off the one in your garage, lace up the gloves, and beat your gut once and for all with our punching bag workout.

The world’s most awarded Scotch whisky, Glenfiddich, has continued to challenge drinkers to “rethink” whisky, last night unveiling The Experimental Highball SS18 Series – A collaboration between the Glenfiddich Experimentals range and award winning soda factory PS Soda.   Glenfiddich’s Brand Ambassador, Luke Sanderson, worked closely with Michael Cheim and Thor […]

If finding a reliable workout mate was as easy a reliable drinking buddy we’d be ripped so here’s how to find the perfect training partner. Evidently science has proven my desperation to find a partner as multiple studies have shown the benefits of one: Having someone to exercise with makes […]

We look at the science to separate the food facts from the fiction so you can develop healthier eating habits and finally see the real food myths busted. Carbs after 6pm make you fat Yes, energy expenditure does decrease 35% during early-stage sleep. It then increases significantly during deeper REM […]

Get lean and strong with these 30 quick tips. 1. Throw your weight around Using machines to train can get you just as big as throwing up free weights, according to a recent study. 2. Go to bed with casein Supplementing with casein—a slow- digesting protein powder—before you sleep has […]

Athletes are openly using marijuana for recovery and pain relief without a performance boost so why isn’t legal in sports? A growing number of long-distance runners have started using cannabis in their pursuit of mental stamina, increased focus and pain relief.

Because proper preparation is one of the cornerstones of a healthy diet If the first time you think about what you’re going to eat for dinner is when you step in the door after work, the odds of making a healthy choice are not in your favour. When a ready […]

Salad lovers are probably better off in the good karma stakes, but are vegetarians healthier than their carnivorous counterparts? We investigate the hard facts on being a vegetarian so you can be well informed when it comes to your food and health. What is a vegetarian?  Stupid question? Quite possibly. […]