Fitness is so much more than the physical body. Fitness is not an Instagram post, or abs of steel, big biceps or the lung capacity to run an ultra. It is so much more. It’s a mindset that lasts a lifetime, something that most likely waxes and wanes over the […]

You can for FREE, but first WTF is an Ekiden? ASICS Australia have announced the very first ASICS world Ekiden 2020. So what is an Ekiden? That’s a good question. An Ekiden is a Japanese long-distance, multi-stage relay race. Started in 1917 to celebrate the the capital moving from Kyoto to Tokyo, Ekidens […]

Bruce Lee made the Dragon Flag one of his signature moves, and it’s now part of fitness pop culture. Sylvester Stallone also helped to popularise the dragon flag exercise when he performed in the film Rocky IV. It is one of the hardest Ab exercises there is. If you want […]

Growth hormone is the hashtag hogging the supplement limelight but its high-tech cousin GHRP-6 might offer fewer negative side-effects and significantly more rewards.