September the 6th is fast approaching. Find your dad the perfect father’s day gift, for 2020. Father’s Day…Your dad did so much for you, and now’s the time you can show your appreciation for the old man. From fitness to fishing, we have the father’s day gift for the man […]

A card and flowers? You can do better than that… Does your mum deserve to be spoiled this Mother’s Day? As we know, mums have always been a pro at juggling, however this year more so than ever before! This year, Bing Lee conducted the ‘Bing Lee Multiple Hats Mum […]

As we all adjust to this new lifestyle, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring we have the right tools to set up the home office. For most of us, we don’t have a lot of space or a dedicated room to turn into a home office. However, we’ve compiled this handy list of the best five work-from-tech gadgets to help increase your productivity.

The watch pictured is unofficially called the Turtle. There’s another Seiko watch called the Alien; another called the Darth Tuna and another dubbed the Tuna Can. These are all the Seiko fan-boy names for timepieces in the Seiko line of divers’ watches.

How to make your business BOOM! Have you ticked-and-flicked quotes to potential customers, without giving them much effort or thought? Yep, most tradies get pretty complacent about it. If this applies to you, you’re throwing money away. Why? Quoting is a trust-building exercise. People buy from people they like. Putting […]