More sales? More leads? More clicks? All of the above? Men’s Fitness is putting together our annual Christmas Gift Guide that will be distributed to our audience digitally through all channels. Now’s your chance to get your product in front of Fitness Conscious Men (and women). We Can offer a […]

Stop at any café frequented by cyclists on Sunday morning and you’re guaranteed to see just about every second rider with Oakleys tucked into their helmet. Same goes for local triathlons. Oakleys are one of, if not the most popular brand sunglasses for riders and multi-sport athletes. Why? Well firstly […]

The Whoop takes the immense amount of heart-rate data collected over days, weeks and months and helps you tune your training and your daily routine to maximise performance and increase cardiovascular fitness.

E-bikes are for lazy people and not real cycling, is the common outcry from supposed real cyclists. If that’s true, then MTBers using the chair-lifts at Thredbo in summer are lazy and not really cyclists. What crap.

September the 6th is fast approaching. Find your dad the perfect father’s day gift, for 2020. Father’s Day…Your dad did so much for you, and now’s the time you can show your appreciation for the old man. From fitness to fishing, we have the father’s day gift for the man […]