Under Armour have created a new release in their their best selling Flow Velociti range. We took it for a test run to see if you should part with your money. Upgrades. Life’s natural defence against boredom. Software. Cars. Spouses. Puberty. Change is fun – sometimes hairy. You’re hardwired to […]

More sales? More leads? More clicks? All of the above? Men’s Fitness is putting together our annual Christmas Gift Guide that will be distributed to our audience digitally through all channels. Now’s your chance to get your product in front of Fitness Conscious Men (and women). We Can offer a […]

Stop at any café frequented by cyclists on Sunday morning and you’re guaranteed to see just about every second rider with Oakleys tucked into their helmet. Same goes for local triathlons. Oakleys are one of, if not the most popular brand sunglasses for riders and multi-sport athletes. Why? Well firstly […]