Snapping selfies isn’t vain and narcissistic. It’s good for weight loss. Science says so. So shut up and get out of the shot. Progress pics, before and after selfies and public declarations in virtual communities might seem like prime examples of our society’s growing narcissism, but it turns out that they […]

When guys set out to start losing weight, their mission usually begins in one familiar place: the treadmill. In fact, this old gym touchstone—that cardio = weight loss—is so well-worn that it’s practically a law of the universe. We hear guys say it over and over: “I need to keep […]

Tips from the team at Holsten Zero Want abs like Zac Efron? Okay, perhaps that’s a little over ambitious. But a flatter stomach and less beer on the gut; now that’s an achievable aim. Celebrity personal trainer Patrick Murphy has whipped actors such as Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz into shape. His latest project […]

News flash: You don’t have to play sports to get pro-athlete lean. These are the fat-burning speed and agility drills that’ll prepare you for competition. Research also shows increases in strength, power, balance, and coordination for these short duration, high-intensity physical activities is excellent at keeping you chiselled. What’s more, […]