Can’t Lose Weight: Help!

Hey Coach. I just can’t lose weight. I’m 37,  114kg and 180cm, so I’m obese. I’ve tried everything: shakes, meal delivery, the gym, fasting, CrossFit…you name it, I’ve given it a crack, but nothing works. I’m thinking of going to Thailand and getting the band around my stomach. Should I?

Son, the problem isn’t with the weight loss strategies, it’s with you. Clearly all those regimes can and do yield results with other people. But you can’t just give them “a crack”. You have to apply yourself over a protracted period of time. You have to be consistent. A month of any of those low-cal meals or a month of regular CrossFit WODs and you’d lose weight, but stop and the weight will go back on, all  other things being equal. No, I don’t think you need the band. You’re carrying too much fat, yes, but not enough to need surgery.  What you need is a good PT. Spend what you’d spend on Thailand and get a PT for a year. A good one will look at your diet and make you accountable. He or she will work you though the humps and bumps of long-term weight loss. And in a year you conceivably could be 85kg, without any surgery. Try that before going under the knife.

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