Can You Go 12 Rounds?

Taylor Adams, an AFL player and recent franchisee of the exploding 12RND Fitness chain, shares his top fitness tips

Taylor Adams and Levi Greenwood who play for Collingwood have just invested in two 12RND Fitness clubs in Port Melbourne and Point Cook, Victoria.

1.      Starting any fitness regimen is hard. What are your best 2 tips for beginners?

Beginning a fitness regime can be the most difficult part of your fitness journey. To make it easier I would encourage you to set goals. I know that sounds cliche, but when done properly goal setting can be very effective. We all have different reasons for exercising so take some time to think about what it is you really want to achieve and then more importantly why! Without answering why you are much less likely to achieve your goals.

My second tip would be to team up with a friend, your partner or your child! Let them in on your goals so they can help hold you accountable and vice versa. It is much more difficult to ignore the 5am wake up call when you know your mate will be waiting for you at the gym or running track. Teaming up also means you can support each other through those tough mornings or tough weeks where you may be struggling to find the motivation to get the work in!!

Bona fide boxing legend, Danny Green is behind 12RND Fitness

1.      How do you set goals to increase your chances of achieving them? 

Goal setting has been a huge part of my preparation for competition for a long time now. I focus on making my goal setting really specific and even use micro goals to help me achieve a bigger goal or a longer term goal. A goal may be to average 7 tackles a game throughout a season so I start planning and then preparing for this 8-9 months before I can achieve that goal. I’ll set micro goals that I can achieve along the way such as increasing my bench press and squat load by 2.5% each week for 10 weeks. I also make sure my end goal is measurable and has a time limit to it. And finally as I mentioned above I ask myself why I want to achieve this goal. For the example above it would be as simple as “7 tackles per game means I am contributing to the team and the success we may have”.

What’s your favourite single exercise and why?

My favourite exercise is a sled push/pull!! I love this because you can load the sled up with lots of weight and make it a slow grind increasing strength or you can put less weight on the sled and increasing the speed you’re moving the sled, increasing power!!


12RND Fitness is the fastest-growing boxing & strength concept in the world. They have over 80 clubs in Australia and are currently expanding overseas. They are considered to be the ‘UBER of Fitness’ in that they have No Fixed Class Times, removing the need for class timetables, meaning members do not have to book and simply arrive for their workout anytime during open hours, providing the ultimate convenience in Fitness.

Four-time world champion professional boxer and co-founder of 12RND, Danny Green has been an integral part of developing the concept. Seen training at 12RND are a number of high profile athletes including female boxer Taylah Robertson, AFLW player Jessy Keeffe, Brisbane Bandits star Logan Wade and AFL Collingwood players Taylor Adams and Levi Greenwood.

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