Build Broad Shoulders Workout

Work on your weak areas for full, round delts.

It’s spring and getting close to the beach season. Nothing looks better, shirt-off or in a T-shirt or singlet, than a pair of big, well-developed shoulders. Try this plan for the next four to six weeks and you’ll be wanting to go for a swim or surf all the time.



  • Perform each workout (Day 1, Day 2) once per week, resting three days in between them. Add Day 1’s training at the end of your current chest workout. Perform Day 2’s workout on its own.


  • 45 minutes for Day 2.


  • Perform the exercises as straight sets, completing all the prescribed sets for one move before moving on to the next. Rest for about 60 seconds between all sets.


  • You will train shoulders twice a week.  The first shoulder workout is brief — just two moves you add on to your current chest routine. Three days later, you’ll hit the shoulders directly.
  • Since the front delts are trained hard by most chest exercises, it’s not necessary to spend much time isolating them in your shoulder training. Our workouts focus more on the side and rear heads of the shoulder. The rear delts contribute to your body’s width and thickness from the front and the side, so bringing up this oft-­overlooked area will help to fill out your upper body.
  • The shoulder joint is inherently unstable and susceptible to injury, especially when moving a load overhead. For this reason, we’ve put the overhead pressing last in the workout, when your delts are already fatigued and pumped with blood. You won’t be able to use as heavy a load as a result, but it ensures safe training.

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