Boxing Workout for Fat Loss

Pulverise fat with this boxing-inspired workout and become a Lord in the Ring.

You’ve been trying to lose weight for so long that you’re ready to knock someone out. Step into the ring and take a swing at your gut instead with this boxing workout. Boxing is a great total-body conditioning sport – even without headgear and mouthpieces. We streamlined a typical boxer’s regimen, then tweaked it for maximal calorie burn and stamina, so you’ll build not only knockout punching power but go-the-distance endurance, too.


FREQUENCY: Perform the boxing workout three times per week, resting a day between sessions.

TIME NEEDED: 45 min.

HOW TO DO IT: Warm up with light rope jumping for three rounds, three minutes each. Rest one minute between rounds. Perform the exercises as straight sets, completing all the sets for one move before moving on to the next.


  • Sets: 10
  • Time: 30 sec. 
  • Rest: 30 sec.

● Wrap a 30-foot training rope around a pole or other stable object. Hold one end in each hand, ­letting the rope go slack. Get into an athletic stance and move your arms in an alternating ­uppercut manner so you create a wave action with the rope. Keep your shoulders loose. Ropes build stability in the hips and legs while simultaneously working the muscles used in throwing an uppercut.


  • Sets: 3
  • TIME: 60 sec. 
  • Rest: 60 sec.

● Step onto a balance board (such as an Indo board, which is a  platform on top of a foam cylinder) and stabilise yourself. Just keeping your balance may be enough of a challenge to start. As soon as you have that mastered, move on to one-minute rounds of uppercuts. In boxing is always trying to ­knock you off balance. ­Improving yours makes you fitter and conditions you for other sports as well.

boxing workout


  • Sets: 3
  • Time: 120 sec. 
  • Rest: 60 sec.

● Put on a weighted vest (20kg should be good to start) and raise your hands in a fighting position. Shuffle around the ring, never allowing your feet to come together, and shadowbox. Move in one direction for a minute, then the other—that’s one two-minute round.Repeat once more, and then do a two-minute round without the vest (one minute each direction again).
Then rest. The extra weight strengthens your legs and glutes, and
helps simulate the draining effect of a fight round.


  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 12 (each arm) 
  • Rest: 30–60 sec.

● Wedge one end of an Olympic barbell into a corner or under the lip of a platform. Hold the ­opposite end at shoulder level so the bar is 45 ­degrees to the floor. Get into a fighting stance and press the bar overhead, pivoting your back foot and rotating your torso. Your leg, shoulder, and core must work in conjunction to throw a big punch.


  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 15
  • Rest: 45 sec.

● Set a decline bench to its steepest angle and secure your feet. Sit all the way up, trying to bring your rib cage to your pelvis. If you have a partner, have him lift you by your feet to get the same effect. The extreme range of motion activates your abs fully, building a rock-hard six-pack that can also protect you.


  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 12 (each side) 
  • Rest: 60 sec.

● Set up as you did for the lever press but hold the bar with both hands. Keeping your elbows pointing out, rotate side to side, pivoting on the ball of each foot as you turn. Punching power comes from a strong core built with rotational exercises.

boxing workout

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