Bigger Guns: Biceps Building Basics

Bigger guns: You need only three exercises to fill out your sleeves.

By Jason Ferruggia

We know the problem: Your biceps aren’t growing. We feel your pain. Doing 100 biceps curls, however, isn’t the answer. Less really is more. Stick with the three lifts given here, get stronger at them, and you’ll see gains in just a few weeks.

Directions  Perform the exercises at the end of an upper-body workout once a week.

Always keep your wrist stationary during biceps moves like the curl.

This plan focuses on overall bicep growth in the least amount of time possible.

Bigger Guns Triple Threat

Why we set it up like this

This workout trains the biceps in three ways. The hammer curl works them with a neutral grip (thumb up), the cable curl works them supinated (palm turned up), and the reverse curl trains the biceps while the hand is pronated  (palm down). You also stress the biceps through a full range, midrange, and from a stretched position, ensuring you overload them in every way, eliminating redundancy and maximising efficiency — and growth.

Bigger Guns Step 1: Fat-grip Hammer Curl

Sets:Reps: 10–12

Rest: 60 seconds

Wrap a towel over each dumbbell handle to make the grip thicker, or use Fat Gripz (rubber sleeves that snap onto the handle). Curl the weights with your palms facing your sides.

Bigger Guns Step 2: Behind-the-Back Cable Curl

Sets:Reps: 10–12

Rest: 60 seconds

Attach a D-handle to the low pulley of a cable crossover machine, grab the handles and walk forward about five steps so there’s tension on your arms. Curl without moving your elbows forward.

Bigger Guns Step 3: EZ-bar Reverse Preacher Curl

Sets:Reps: 8–10

Rest: 60 seconds

Hold an EZ-curl bar with an overhand grip and sit at a preacher bench so your armpits touch the top of the bench. Sit back on the bench as you extend your elbows to lower the weight (don’t extend your elbows completely). As you curl, bring your torso forward over the bench more. Take three seconds to lower the weight on every rep and flex your triceps as you do it, as though you were performing a cable pushdown.


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