Bedroom Problems Impact Your Partner, Too. This Aussie Health Company Is Helping Men Tackle It All.

Over 30,000 Happy Aussies Have Pilot To Thank For Their Partner’s Bedroom Turnaround


Dealing with a sexual health problem is never easy. But online men’s health service, Pilot, says it has helped over 30,000 Aussies overcome bedroom troubles – and in the process helped their partners, too.

One thing that is often overlooked about not being able to get it up, or not lasting as long as we’d like, is that our partners are also going through it.

“It’s a big part of the relationship that doesn’t get talked about much,” said Charlie Gearside, one of the founders of Pilot.

“We’re really happy to be helping people have better sex lives.”

Pilot launched in 2019, and connects men with a local doctor who can prescribe prescription treatment for issues like ED, PE, and more. The Aussie healthcare company also delivers the prescription directly to your door, meaning no more talking to strangers and no more awkward conversations at the pharmacy when you’re picking up your meds.

“We’ve had thousands of reviews from blokes who are just thrilled to finally be able to please their partner,” said Charlie. “It’s crazy to think that before us, a lot of men just put off getting it sorted… or didn’t do it at all.”

He isn’t joking when he mentions happy customers. A quick look at Pilot’s reviews shows just how thrilled Aussie men are with the online service.

“The prescribed treatment arrived quick and seems to work well so i’m pretty happy,” reads one. And my wife is happy as well, so good all round!”

First time using the product and was exactly what I needed. Got the result I was after, after the first use. The wife and I were not disappointed 5 Stars.”  reads another.

The RACGP estimates that around 40% of Aussie men will deal with something like ED in their life, and PE is said to be one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in Australia. These numbers could stay that way if men ignore it, or don’t even know it’s something that can be treated.


“Being better boyfriends, husbands and partners is a big motivator for a lot of our users,” says Charlie. “It has been really great for the whole Pilot team to see; that we’re not just helping one user overcome something that has been hassling him for a while – we’re also improving the relationship.”

With tens of thousands of men using Pilot, Charlie says he’s confident that the platform has become a safe and easy way for guys to get access to prescription treatment for bedroom problems.

“We’re just trying to make this a much easier thing for Aussie guys to solve, and to help them start feeling like they’ve got their shit together again” he said.

“In 2020 there’s no reason to go silent, to play the tough man. We’ve made it easy to get help, and Australian men are meeting that challenge.”

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