Built for the Aussie adventurer (and his family), the latest offering from Holden to the big SUV market is impressive, inside and out. Holden kindly lent us a Holden Acadia LTZ-V for a family trip down the snow. First impressions: it’s a big vehicle, inside and out. It’s a tad […]

Everyone finds music highly motivating when training. Here’s how to keep it that way. Every Australian will remember the amazing Mark Lizotte (Diesel, Johnny Diesel) and that amazing Most Performed Australian Work (APRA Awards, 1994 ) “Never Miss Your Water” and other great hits. His musical talents are so diverse – he […]

Food Rating Key Not all food is created equal. Some is good, some okay some downright bad and some should be banned. Here’s out list of culinary culprits. A = Eat as often as you likeB = Eat every day, in moderationC = Eat once a weekD = Limit your […]

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of slicing into a juicy, tender steak when you’re hungry. It seems to stir something primal deep inside, awakening your inner caveman. But while most blokes love eating meat, we’re not quite so handy at cooking it. Which is why we’ve asked an expert to help.

Combine a beautiful Asian holiday with a triathlon for a memorable getaway. Here are 5 triathlons in Asia to do before you die! By Melanie Schorr There are so many triathlons in the world to choose from, but there’s something exotic about heading to Asia to compete in one of […]

Eight ways how to drink like an athlete Face it, gents: Despite all of your healthy choices, the threat of the beer gut isn’t enough to stand between you and a booze-soaked social calendar. You know you’re going to do it anyway so you might as well approach the bar just […]