Stop with the self-diagnosis already. Unless your doctor has declared you gluten-intolerant, don’t be so quick to cut these healthy foods from your diet. All it took was one major study that showed that gluten intolerance was, in fact, a real issue for the entire world (it seems like it, […]

Coming from a guy who’s experienced the suffocating feeling of anxiety firsthand, here is five real-world tricks will help you feel more calm, quickly. Everyone gets keyed up from time to time. It’s completely normal to stress out before a new client meeting or fret over how you’ll finish in […]

Possibly one of the best ab exercise there is, planks don’t have to be boring pain-fests. Here’s how to mix it up. OK, we get it…planks are boring. Staring at the floor with the sweat dripping down your nose waiting for your timer to run down is as almost as […]

A simple but powerful abs workout. We don’t doubt your will to get six-pack abs. Now, it’s time to be consistent and have them look the way you want them to—ripped. We caught up with IFBB men’s physique pro and certified personal trainer Pierre Vuala to see how he keeps his midsection […]

Follow these eight tips and you’ll increase your lifts by 10kg. None of these tips on their own will make a significant difference to increasing your big lifts — but follow all eight and you’ll boost them by 10kg.