If you could make every day like this one, you’d be a lean beast in a few weeks or months. The road to a thinner waistline and a deflated spare tire is plagued with pitfalls, diet mishaps, and false supplement claims. Whereas many guys have likely tried one particular weight-loss […]

The only way to make one of the best upper-body exercises better, is to do more or them Pullups are hands down one of the best exercises for developing your back and increasing your overall fitness level. They’re old-school, basic, and a natural movement pattern of human beings. Instead of […]

To create a more dominant frame that’s masculine, imposing, and—let’s admit it—irresistible to women, you need to train smart. Trashing your body in the gym may give you the size you’re looking for, but injuries and imbalances are always threatening.  To ensure you’re making the most of your back workouts, Joel […]

Follow these commandments my son, and abs you shall have. While fitness models make being ripped look easy, in all honesty it’s really tough, well unless you follow these 5 everyday rules for ripped abs. It’s hard, it takes time and it demands an unwavering degree of discipline. In our […]

Try these simple tricks to stay mentally tough no matter what obstacles get in your way. There’s one thing every athlete—whether college football player or Olympian, marathoner or CrossFitter—can relate to: pre-race or event jitters. The days, hours, and minutes before the clock starts can have your cool demeanour cracking, your palms […]

So you want to make a baby? Here’s how to ensure don’t have fertility problems. Up to 15% of couples suffer with fertility problems, meaning they can’t conceive a child even after having unprotected sex for a year or longer, according to the Mayo Clinic. And about half of the […]