Embrace these foods for thought by using these ideas that’ll help you snack smart for cerebral upgrades so you’re always ahead of your competition.   Think fast with cocoa If you’ve got a big afternoon at work ahead try some dark chocolate as a smart snack. Cocoa beans are high […]

Forget counting calories and make getting lean second nature with these simple too-easy fat loss hacks every man can use.   Make your own meals If you don’t prepare your own food then you can only guess at what you’re actually eating in terms of calories, macronutrients (carbs, fats and […]

Bodyweight training is not just for a beginner pursuit. Here’s why bodyweight moves should always be part of your workout plan, whatever your training experience.   You’ll improve your body awareness The advantage full-body moves have over, say, curls is that they improve your proprioception, or your body’s sense of […]

Dumbbells and machines shouldn’t be the only weapons in your bicep and tricep armoury. You can very easily build big arms with kettlebells. This school weights will spur growth in your biceps and triceps by curling and pressing kettlebells instead of bars. Morphing wet noodle arms into cannons isn’t a matter […]

Your body can develop in unexpected ways. Here’s how to autocorrect any muscle imbalance that are holding you back. Muscle imbalances occur when one set of muscles—say your pectorals—are of unequal strength or size compared to an opposing group of muscles— the lats. These differences in muscle function can derail […]