Athletes are openly using marijuana for recovery and pain relief without a performance boost so why isn’t legal in sports? A growing number of long-distance runners have started using cannabis in their pursuit of mental stamina, increased focus and pain relief.

Salad lovers are probably better off in the good karma stakes, but are vegetarians healthier than their carnivorous counterparts? We investigate the hard facts on being a vegetarian so you can be well informed when it comes to your food and health. What is a vegetarian?  Stupid question? Quite possibly. […]

Almost one in four Australians get a massage every year and what’s not to like? It feels good, does good and every professional sports team’s locker room plays host to a masseuse table. Despite these accolades there is still concern about whether or not it’s cack handed for your physique. […]

Save money and time. Bodyweight training matches gym based exercise for muscle building and overall fitness. Triceps Parallel bar dips with knee raises The dip – often baptised as the upper body squat – works upwards of 87% of your triceps. Add an abs working knee raise and you’ll also […]

Forget the hard core dieting dogma this is the lose weight lifestyle you need to adopt to get leaner and more muscular. Most diets meticulously map every meal, but your memory probably tortures you with replays of the feasts you used to eat. The end result? Just 20% of dieters […]

The Knights kill your manly mojo This silver clad mascot is more likely to see you punish a slab worth of scooners at the RSL, than rejoice with sporting silverware. That’s not where the self punch to the kidney’s ends because a paper at the University of Utah found your […]

Eat the best diet, but if you’re not absorbing the nutrients you need to think about recharging your digestion for muscle. You are not what you eat – you are what you absorb. This lack of absorption is more common that you might think because the Australian Food Authority found […]


We sort out the food facts from the fiction to outline the nutrition myths costing you abs. To do this we roped in the help of three expert nutritionists and a whole load of legit science so you’re always as lean as you deserve to be. Myth 1: Low carb […]

Raise your running game by adding the training basics of a competitive runner’s schedule so you can use the easy to run hard. Raise your running game by adding the training basics of a competitive runner’s schedule so you can use the easy to run hard. While some runners train […]

Intra-workout down time shouldn’t be dead time – here’s how to ace your rest periods to get stronger. Being smart during this time and you’ll get stronger, recover faster and more flexible in less time.   Go for a record After every set, record the reps that you completed and […]