Anastasia Ashley

Heads turn when the world-ranked 25-year-old Hawaiian paddles into the line-up for the monster waves at Waimea Bay.

What’s the biggest wave you’ve ridden?

At Hammerheads, on the North Shore of Hawaii. It was a tow-in, with a 20-foot face. It was scary and exciting at the same time.

Scariest wipeout?

During a tow-in, I lost speed on the wrong part of the wave. Though I had a life vest on, I was held under for two waves and came up gasping, dizzy and out of it. I felt like I was going to throw up.

Favourite surf manoeuvre that always scores you big points?

I’m really into barrels. In most contests there aren’t any, so if you do get one, it’s an automatic high score.

What fitness work do you do off the board?

I’m in the gym every day I’m not at the beach, doing a mix of cardio and strength-training, such as squats on the Bosu ball, leg lifts and lunges. I love spin classes as well — listening to blaring music and getting super-sweaty.

Best tip for a guy wanting to ask a girl out?

Be funny, charming, and original — a cheesy pick-up line will never get a girl. Come up with something that makes her think; be creative, make her guess a little bit too.

Aussie guys are different to American guys because….

They’re very forward and a lot more flirty, which is always nice. I love them.

What should every man own?

A big TV. And cable with a lot of channels. There’s nothing that lures women to your house more than being able to watch a movie or some good TV.

Nutrition advice you never forget?

Stay away from processed foods. If it didn’t come from the earth, it’s not meant to be in your body.

Do you have a scar that tells a story?

I have one on the back of my head I got as a child from being run over with the fin of someone else’s board. Probably one of the most painful things ever.

Peanut butter: crunchy or smooth?

VERY crunchy.

Have you ever surfed naked?

Kind of, but not intentionally. My top has slipped off once or twice — there are always “wardrobe malfunctions” out in the water.

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