Bear Grylls Interview

Bear is the reigning and undisputed king of survival entertainment and has been since 2006. Men’s Fitness chats to him about Eco Challenge, the world’s toughest race

Master Obstacle Course Racing

Adventure Obstacle course races are coming back later in the year. Dan Cooper speaks to the best in the business to find out what it takes to prepare for them.  Having progressed from flint arrowheads to fancy haptic wearables, there’s a prevailing notion that throughout the course of history, technology

Packing for a Colorado Adventure

Over the course of a few days and we were able to experience the range of variants of which there are many. With the option packs, the array can get bewildering, so I’ll get straight to the point: The one that most people gravitate to and most motoring sites recommend…

The Rowed Less Travelled

Four friends from Bondi Beach have clinched second place in the world’s toughest rowing race – the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – finishing only behind British team, Fortitude IV.

A Wavpool in Melbourne?

The countdown is on for the launch of Australia’s first surf park, as URBNSURF Melbourne just announced they’ve filled their lagoon and are ready for waves. Within its crystal-clear, two-hectare surfing lagoon (similar in size to the MCG), URBNSURF Melbourne can produce up to 1,000 perfect, ocean-like surfing waves every

A Rare and Deadly Flesh-Eating Bacteria Nearly Claimed My Leg…

Earlier this year, 25-year-old Sydney Uni Winger, Henry Clunies Ross spent 16 days in the Prince of Wales Hospital recovering from a rare and deadly flesh-eating bacteria that nearly claimed one of his legs. It took multiple surgeries, the help of infectious disease specialists, antibiotics and regular two-hour spells in

A Day in the Life of a Rescue Helicopter Crewman.

From rescuing swimmers in distress, to carrying injured bushwalkers to safety, Callum Good is the youngest rescue crew officer on board the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Service in Sydney. We sat down with Callum ahead of the Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac to find out how he is preparing

Review: Holden Acadia

Built for the Aussie adventurer (and his family), the latest offering from Holden to the big SUV market is impressive, inside and out. Holden kindly lent us a Holden Acadia LTZ-V for a family trip down the snow. First impressions: it’s a big vehicle, inside and out. It’s a tad

Hit The Slopes

What’s the most common ski injury? The thumb. Here’s how to protect your knees, ankles wrists and thumbs this winter. Ah, ski trips. Sure, in your mind, you’re basically Shaun White, zipping down the mountain at light speed, maybe popping a few sweet tricks along the way. And when you’ve had

Mount Kailash

One Trek in Tibet That Could Change Your Life

If you want more than a 3-month shred, and to be really happy, healthy and fit for your entire life, you need to do this. Sure, anyone can do a 3-month shred, knock off 10-15 kg of lard and pack on some lean muscle.  I’ve seen it dozens of times,