A Week to Peak

a week to peak

You’ve been eating clean and hitting the gym for months. Now put the final touches on your new physique in just a week.

By Andrew Gutman

If you hover in the 10% body-fat range, you’re in prime position to show off a lean look with visible abs. But getting a fitness model–esque physique requires an extra level of precision, which is why we asked trainer Don Saladino, owner of Drive 495 gym in New York City, to outline the strategies he used to get Ryan Reynolds into superhero shape for Deadpool and its 2018 sequel. Try these for a week, and on Day 7 check out your super-lean look.

  1. Water load

Flush your system with water and then taper your consumption slowly to produce a drier look that highlights your abs. Drink up:
Days 1-3: 11 litres
Day 4: 9.5 litres
Day 5: 6.5 litres
Day 6: 2.8 litres

Day 7: 475ml

Sip it throughout the day to keep you sane. Stay the course until you snap the pic.

  1. Fight the bloat

“For the past week you have to cut out all dairy, gluten and legumes,” Saladino advises. Foods like these contain allergens, which will cause you to bloat and retain water – not a good move when you’re trying to make sure your abs are popping at the end of a week.

  1. Get a massage

When you’re stressed, cortisol – a hormone produced by the adrenal gland that spikes in high-stress situations – can impede your ability to burn fat. Saladino suggests meditation, sleeping seven to nine hours and a sports massage to improve circulation, put you in a good mood and keep your hormones in check.

  1. Time your carbs

“Save your carbs for after your workout and before bed,” says Saladino. “Stick with vegies and lean protein in the morning so your blood sugar doesn’t spike, which stops your body from using fat for fuel.” Consume most of your carbs post-workout so they’re put to use, and then another 20 to 30 grams at night for a better quality night’s rest.

  1. Cut the fat

“A lot of people are talking about high-fat diets nowadays, which are fine. But if you want to get extra lean, extra fat isn’t going to help,” says Saladino. Fat packs nine calories per gram, so eat only grilled chicken and white fish as your fat sources during this week.








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