A Wavpool in Melbourne?

The countdown is on for the launch of Australia’s first surf park, as URBNSURF Melbourne just announced they’ve filled their lagoon and are ready for waves.

Within its crystal-clear, two-hectare surfing lagoon (similar in size to the MCG), URBNSURF Melbourne can produce up to 1,000 perfect, ocean-like surfing waves every hour, ranging from 0.5 metres to two metres in height.
Set to pioneer a new, safe and inclusive way to surf, URBNSURF can customise the experience to suit all ages and abilities – from gentle, rolling whitewater for learners and beginners, through to steep, barrelling waves that will challenge even the most experienced riders – and with state-of-the-art sports lighting, the waves will be pumping day and night, year-round.

Concept image from URBNSURF

Located on Airport Drive, Tullamarine, 16 kilometres north of the Melbourne CBD and just minutes from Melbourne Airport, URBNSURF Melbourne can accommodate up to 84 surfers per hour across four different surfing zones. Complementing the surfing action, the innovative sports, leisure and entertainment venue will also offer visitors unique food, music, art and cultural experiences, lagoon-side amenities including hot tubs, beach cabanas and a kids’ playground, and relaxing, landscaped spaces to enjoy with family and friends.

As a passionate, lifelong surfer, URBNSURF Founder Andrew Ross said the aim in bringing this new experience to Australia is to help everyone surf more.
“ Surfing is a sport and pastime enjoyed by millions of Australians, but getting in the water is often limited by geography, weather conditions, and having the time to chase waves,” said Andrew.
“URBNSURF unlocks these limitations by providing a safe, convenient and accessible alternative – it’s the perfect supplement for Melburnians, who have to travel hours to surf on the coasts, and will be a must-do for interstate and international visitors,” he added.
“Our goal is to have our guests walk away from a day spent at URBNSURF Melbourne stoked, whether they’ve ridden their very first wave, scored perfect barrels with their friends, or shared a delicious meal with their family in a unique and relaxing setting. For us, it’s about inspiring the progression of modern surfing in a way that’s authentically Australian, respectful of the sport’s heritage, and protective of the environment.”

The Three Blue Ducks, led by renowned chefs and avid surfers Darren Robertson, Mark LaBrooy and Andy Allen, will open their fifth restaurant (and their first in Melbourne) at URBNSURF Melbourne this Summer, in line with the park’s opening. The restaurant will include indoor and alfresco seating, and will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering visitors impressive views of the surf park.

Andrew Ross (URBNSURF), Mark LaBrooy, Darren Robertson, Andy Allen (Three Blue Ducks)

URBNSURF Melbourne will also feature a hardware-led surf shop, Lagoon Supply Co., a fully-equipped surf rental centre, a surf academy offering tailored coaching and training, wellness activities, regular festivals and events, and much more to be announced. URBNSURF Melbourne is the first surf park in the world to feature Spanish engineering firm Wavegarden’s next-generation “Cove” technology, which can deliver up to 1,000 high-quality, ocean-like waves every hour, day and night. With the push of a button, the size, shape, power and frequency of the waves can be adjusted to suit all abilities – from first-timers through to elite athletes.

Across the four main surfing zones, participants can learn to surf as part of a structured lesson, or undertake a surf session to “free surf”, each hour. URBNSURF Melbourne will open to the public this Summer.

To learn more, and register your interest in being one of the first to ride the waves at URBNSURF Melbourne, click here for their website, and follow URBNSURF on Instagram and here for their Facebook for all the latest

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