A Top Tipple for World Whisky Day

A couple weeks ago Westward, the highest-rated American Single Malt Whiskey, created the perfect Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail. This week they’ve just announced the Australian launch of their Oregon Stout Cask Whiskey, and it sure has a story.


Westward Oregon Stout Cask Finish, an American Single Malt finished in freshlyemptied stout beer casks, grew out of our longstanding cask-trading tradition among a select group of beer producers in the Northwest. For as long as they’ve been making whiskey, they’ve traded their freshly-emptied barrels with some of their brewing friends in and around the Northwest, who have in turn “seasoned” them with Stout before returning them again.


Westward is a whiskey of the elements, inspired by the American Northwest, and by the region’s unique culture, climate, and natural ingredients. More than a decade ago, in Portland, Ore., founder Christian Krogstad set out to create a whiskey from all of these elements and called it Westward along the way. Westward is aged to taste in Oregon, where their hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters are the ideal environment to raise a world class whiskey


Westward pursue perfection through their philosophy of Minimalist Distilling, a crucial difference in an industry driven by the principle of mass efficiency, by going to great lengths to bring out the flavou rof our grain and other natural ingredients. Westward Oregon Stout Cask begins by brewing a delicious American pale ale, from scratch, using locally malted barley, ale yeast, and a slow, low temperature fermentation. The fresh beer is then distilled twice in custom pot stills designed to create a bold, robust spirit before entering lightly toasted American Oak barrels at a relatively low proof. The whiskey is aged to taste in the Northwest, where the region’s hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters are the ideal environment to raise a world class single malt whiskey. Finally, select Westward barrels are further finished for up to one year in fresh stout casks to create Westward Oregon Stout Cask.


Westward Oregon Stout Cask whiskey is rich and robust, with notes of roasted grain, stone fruit, toasted pecan, milk chocolate, and a bold, dry finish.

ABV: 90 Proof (45% ABV)
RRP: $150
AVAILABLE: Leading independent liquor stores, Vintage Cellars, and Dan Murphy’s. Westward is proudly served in many of Australia’s leading cocktail bars and restaurants.

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