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REGULAR HEADPHONES AND EARBUDS are fine if you’re just plugging away at work or commuting there. But when you’re working out as hard as you can—Building bigger guns, training like an Olympic sprinter or even giving CrossFit a crack – cords complicate things. Sure, it’s great to have motivating music in your ears, but it’s no fun when your favorite pump-up songs are getting cut off every 10 seconds because you keep accidentally yanking the ‘phones off your head.
BUYING THE PERFECT pair of headphones—or at least one that fits your lifestyle—seems like it should be a real no brainer. That is, until you actually hit the store or go online to buy them. What used to be a simple pickup is now a head-scratching gauntlet of features and styles.

One fantastic offering available are by Australian company Audiofly. The Aussie brand has been designing pro-musician and recording headphones since 2012, and have now had a crack at the fitness industry launching a new wireless Bluetooth headphones range.

Audiofly has drawn inspiration from our tough Australian roots to create hardy, finely tuned headphones built to keep up with whatever life throws your way. Always up for adventure, their wireless range fuses that signature Audiofly sound with hassle-free Bluetooth® technology in an agile, balanced design.

The Audiofly AF56W headphones


A crowd-pleaser with astonishing clarity and range, the AF56W boasts a huge 13mm dynamic driver packed into a sleek and lightweight body. We’re taking crystal clear details backed by the smoothest, deepest bass to really get you into the groove. With hassle-free wireless Bluetooth® technology and an evenly balanced design, the AF56W is built for life on the go. #GearedForBalance

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What Men’s Fitness thought: They’re comfortable and don’t fall out of the ears when you shake your head. These are the the first and most important tests for any wireless headphones, and there’s plenty of brands that can’t even offer those basic benchmarks. The set up is of course simple, and the noise isolating in-ear design ensures actual sound is impeccable. For the price of $139.99 you can’t really go wrong.

The Audiofly AF100W

The AF100W comes from a pro-grade stock, built for performance. Combining a thumping dual membrane micro driver, wireless Bluetooth® tech and a secure housing designed for comfort, this game-changer is made for those on the move. With rich studio-quality sound and a lightweight, sweat-resistant design, the AF100W works as hard as you do. #GearedForBalance

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What Men’s Fitness thought: It was great trying a set of headphones that didn’t have a neck band, the slim tie cable was fine and the fit extremely comfortable. We used them running, lifting weights and even commuting to work and found the 5 hour battery life to be completely sufficient. The high water resistance level meant washing the sweat and dirt off was easy. The retail at $189.99

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