5 ways to work out without weights

No gym, no problem. Here’s some simple ideas a cracking workout. With all the knowledge that’s out there now about exercise, there’s really no excuse for not achieving your

Home Tabata Workout

Keep the family in shape during these difficult times. Here’s a bodyweight workout for guys and girls and older kids.



Bring out the big guns.

10 workouts you can do with dumbbells

Dig the dumbbells out of the garage and you’ve got all the equipment you need for a really good workout. A component of many great resistance training programs, dumbbells are an



love handles

How to get rid of back fat

Fat hanging around your mid or lower back and sides (not-so-lovingly called love handles) can be tough to lose. The good news is your efforts aren’t futile; you can

Perfect day

The Perfect Day for Fat Loss

If you could make every day like this one, you’d be a lean beast in a few weeks or months. The road to a thinner waistline and a deflated

The 8 best ways to switch up your plank

OK, we get it: Planks are boring. Staring at the floor with the sweat dripping down your nose waiting for your timer to run down is almost as exciting as visiting the in-laws.