FREE downloadable Workout Poster. The 30 Top Upper Body Exercises

Let’s be honest here. The upper body is what we all love working. Big guns, a broad back and proud

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What Music Do Rock Stars Run To?

Everyone finds music highly motivating when training. Here's how to keep it that way. Every Australian will remember the amazing

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Download the Ultimate Arm Workout

Big Guns At Last - Get pumped with an approach you’ve never tried.

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Boost Your Squat in 10 Seconds

A foolproof way to instantly improve your lifting power.

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Bad sleep, hairloss or bedroom problems?

Pilot is an “end-to-end” online health navigator that men can access to seek treatment for a variety of problems – mental health issues, hair loss, sexual dysfunctions and sleep disorders. Basically all the stuff that men are usually too embarrassed to see a GP about.

Review: JBL/UA Sport Wireless Headphones

JBL make loudspeakers. Under Armour makes training clothes and runners. Both companies have come together to make head- and earphones. It’s like two good friends hooking up who you never thought would. It’s cool, but a bit strange a little unsettling nonetheless.

The Experiment

Body Fit Training has opened its first Sydney studio at Town Hall in the CBD. The group fitness franchise, which has 21 studios