How to recover from a workout faster and stronger

You’ve smashed yourself. How do you recover faster so you can do it all again? Going to the gym and not progressing on your lifts or improving your times can get frustrating. If you’re the type that grinds away and works out hard, day in and day out, you won’t progress if you take rest

10 strength-building strategies that will never die

Looking for Strength Training Tips. You’ve come to the right place. Strength is the foundation of everyday acts of athleticism (like hitting a 300-metre drive in golf) and not-so-human feats (like J.J. Watt’s 5’1″ box jump). Strength isn’t limited to muscle size and capacity. When you get stronger, you’re better able to lose weight, run

Hit The Slopes

What’s the most common ski injury? The thumb. Here’s how to protect your knees, ankles wrists and thumbs this winter. Ah, ski trips. Sure, in

The Perfect Day for Fat Loss

If you could make every day like this one, you’d be a lean beast in a few weeks or months. The road to a thinner waistline and a deflated spare tire is plagued with pitfalls, diet mishaps, and false supplement claims. Whereas many guys have likely tried one particular weight-loss method in the past, most

A good night’s sleep may curb stress-induced junk food binges

Sleep can help you stay away from the silver portals of death, aka, the vending machine. If your company is one of those hip and cool joints that has a foosball table in the break room, allows you to customize your cubicle, and loads up the kitchen with all sorts of treats, well, congratulations. But

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